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  1. Thank you Organic Wheatgrass. With all this talk about superfoods wheatgrass is the one that is right under our noses. After a recent conversation a friend of mine is going to sprout some of the wheat she feeds her chickens and to give it to them slightly sprouted. theyll love it!!

  2. I agree with this blog regarding wheatgrass juice as a cleanser. Before, I usually experience constipation. However, when I started drinking wheatgrass juice, everything is okay. Thanks to the wheatgrass. :)

  3. Oh yes, I must admit if I’m going to do it it makes sense to go for the fresh stuff unless, as you say, you’re travelling.
    Would be great to have some idiot-proof instructions for growing same but that is something I might talk to you about separately…

  4. yes, well, barleygrass powder actually. It’s certainly a lot better than nothing, but a lot of the value of the fresh wheatgrass juice is lost after the first fifteen minutes and in the drying process the chemistry will have changed a great deal. See how you feel on freshly juiced wheatgrass in comparison with the powder. For me there’s no comparison. The powder is OK for travelling and other times when I can’t keep my trays of wheatgrass going at home,but I have far more energy and feel much better with fresh juice. :-) Judy

  5. Have you tried wheatgrass powder is so simple?