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  1. This really resonates with me. It is a fine line to tread between keeping your eyes, ears and mind open to new possibilities and being very focused on what you are doing now. It helps me very much to have a clear long-term vision and knowing what I am working towards. With that in mind I can evaluate all the deluge of information that comes my way and decide whether it will help me towards my vision. If not, the delete key or WPB come into play!

  2. richard tod

    I like the analogy. It has made me think about how I handle information overload and it is not very good. I tend to “park” interesting but not currently usefull information. The problem occurs when I realise my information park is full with no possibility of accessing all of it. How do I filter it? My bedroom is full of magazine articles and books with slips of paper sticking out to identify pages I need to read. My “Favourites” file on my PC is huge. Saved emails take up masses of hard disk storage. In short it would help me to wear siome blinkers. Let some of the information pass by without trying to capture it all.

    Nice one Judy.