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  1. Judy

    Thank you Angelique. I’ve since been told by an Iona island resident that that wasn’t the cleanest spot for collecting seaweed so I’ve decided not to eat it :-( The seaweed I picked was very fresh and looked as if it had been newly ripped away from its growing place by big tides. All the roots were there, but that’s a very good point and i look forward to a wild walk on the rocks somewhere remote and reaching down to pick some waving tips. talking of tips, I’ll read your e-book, thank you! Warm wishes,


  2. Hi Judy! I love the spirit of adventure in this post and how you are warming up to the uses of kelp! Something you might find interesting that I learned from from a local seaweed expert (harvesting commercially for over 15 yrs): harvest seaweed from the tips of living plants only. She strongly cautioned against collecting ones found on the beach since those are essentially rotting and we are taking are chances on how fresh/nutritious/safe they are. In your case, it sounds like you fortunately came upon some fresh ones. And if your seaweed is especially hard to harvest right off the plants, then beach collecting may be your only option. Just wanted to share that tidbit with you though. By the way, I have some other seaweed tips/info in my (free) How to Save $500 a Month ebook if you’re interested. (at http://www.rawshopper.com) Hope you don’t mind me mentioning that.
    Best wishes!